2009                               2015

           2009                               2015


I grew up as any other Canadian kid would; playing hockey, soccer, and skateboarding throughout my teenage years. As I got older, I got more involved in the skateboarding scene. Slowly but surely it took over the majority of my time and I would spend full days at local skate parks with a non existent diet. I had a skinny ectomorph physique and was always super lean (from being active all day and not eating any food!) The struggle was real, I was unhealthy. 

In grade 11, my close friend stepped into the gym for the first time. I had always dreamed about the results that I could have in the gym, but was intimidated by the atmosphere and didn't know where to start. This was my opportunity to start training (with a friend is a great way to start) and I joined him in our high school gym after class. 

From there it is all history! I continued lifting and educating myself all through college and it transformed my lifestyle. The results and boost of confidence became addicting. I focused on the scientific research behind nutrition and training and stuck to basic principles that were PROVEN to work (say goodbye to broscience and myths)! I began to understand the fundamentals of macronutrients, counting calories, training frequency/volume, and smart programming. Once I understood and applied these basic fundamentals I made the most improvements I ever have in all of my years training. 

Fast forward to today. I am a certified Personal Training Specialist with Canfitpro and I have been focusing my time on helping others achieve their fitness goals. It has been my mission since day one to help others and provide nutrition and training guidance that will transform the body and mind (there are NO shortcuts here. It is a marathon, not a sprint). However, I also educate my clients with the basic fundamentals so that once they are done with my personal training or online coaching they can continue on a path of success and continue living happy, healthy, and full of confidence on their own.